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Complaints and Claims Management to Regain Customer Confidence

Por: Mariana Pizzo - 28 de febrero, 2017

The immediate objective of complaints and claims management is to regain the trust of a customer who has been dissatisfied with the service received.

The Conduct of the Professional Salesperson

Por: Pepe Villacís - 28 de febrero, 2017

During my 12 years as a Business Coach, and specifically in the segment of coaching sales managers and sales teams, I have always asked myself the same question: what is it that makes excellent salespeople perform better and outperform others?

Learn 8 Vital Factors for Sales Success.

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 28 de febrero, 2017

The Italian Vilfredo Pareto made a surprising discovery, 20% of the population owned 80% of the wealth. This principle is known as the Pareto Principle and applies to many areas, including business and is one of the great secrets to success in sales.

Human Resources
Human Resources and Their Contribution to Productivity

Por: Gonzalo Callejas R. - 27 de febrero, 2017

It is very common in companies that the production and quality areas are the experts in terms of productivity, since they are responsible for making the processes efficient and achieving the highest possible production with the available resources.

The Subtle Allure of Persuasion in Sales: Suffer Less and Enjoy More

Por: Patricio Peker - 27 de febrero, 2017

It is all very well to make an effort, to be disciplined and constant, but not to suffer. In the business and leadership areas you should seek to work smarter and less hard.

cold calling
Cold Calling: Yes You Can

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 27 de febrero, 2017

Cold calls are telephone contacts made to a list of potential customers to make sure they exist, obtain their complete data, qualify them as prospects and interest them in continuing the interaction with our business, either by accepting a visit, receiving commercial information, attending an event, taking a subscription, etc.

The Mission and the Spirit of the Winning Salesperson

Por: Patricio Peker - 27 de febrero, 2017

The spirit of the salesperson is a sum of qualities and attitudes but, in essence, it is a set of values and principles which make up that special being called salesperson. Among them, there will undoubtedly be the sense of mission, which is pursued with perseverance until the objective is reached.

The Importance of Standardizing Operations in your Company

Por: Ferenz Feher - 22 de febrero, 2017

It must be understood that standardization serves to understand the behavior of the business and how the team is working.