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The advantages of a CRM

The importance of a CRM lies in the benefits it brings to the area of sales, marketing and customer service, it will help us build relationships with them.
If you are wondering why you should have a CRM, it is as simple as knowing that having this tool will guarantee you to build better relationships with customers and increase sales.

By Upnify Editorial Team 29 de noviembre, 2021

Brand Presence

10 Tips to Start Increasing your Brand Presence

There are different ways to be visible to your public and spread the word about your products. In this article we give you a series of tips on how your company or brand can achieve media presence.

By Upnify Editorial Team 13 de julio, 2021


The Conduct of the Professional Salesperson

During my 12 years as a Business Coach, and specifically in the segment of coaching sales managers and sales teams, I have always asked myself the same question: what is it that makes excellent salespeople perform better and outperform others?

By Pepe Villacís 28 de febrero, 2017