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Field Customization : Frequently Asked Questions

Mon Jun 13 2022 07:08:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

1.- Why add the description to the field?

When your executives are filling in the information, they may forget what information to fill in the field, with the visible description you give them the information you want them to enter in the field. 

2.- What are the types of fields available and how are they displayed?

The system allows the configuration of several types of fields, which are 

1) Auto-incrementable: this type of field is useful for keeping count of some numeric data, such as a serial number, or record number. Since they are automatically assigned the number upon creation. 

For the example, we use the field type: auto-incrementable, to assign the customer's serial number, starting the series at customer #1. Because it is a unique field, we designate that only the administrator and manager can update it. 

and in our customer list, it would look like this: (first column, the field is displayed)

2) Check text: this field allows you to add a checkbox and a text field so that you can add additional information when editing or registering a new contact. 

For example: confirmation of attendance. Attended: Check the box in case you have attended one of the events and specify the date.

3) Decimal: Allows you to add numerical values with decimal places.

4) Integer: Allows you to add numerical values, but only integers.

5) Date: This field can store an important date for the company, such as the anniversary date, the maintenance date, or the delivery date of a product. 

6) List: In this option we can put the list of options that the executive can select, so that he does not have to write them on every occasion, he works by employing all the options created, and only one is selected. 

7) Checklist: this option helps us when we want to facilitate the filling in of information when there are several possible options. It allows us to select more than one option. 

For example, the client's preferred brand: 

8) Radio list: This option allows to select 1 option among the pre-established ones, in order to delimit and segment the information. 

For example, this company pays for advertising campaigns on radio stations, and has promotions, so you want to know where the prospects come from, in order to measure the effectiveness of the contracted campaigns.  

9) Text List: This field allows you to define several options, for the executive to select one, and a text box will appear next to the selected option, to add complementary information. 

10) Note: This field allows saving information that is important for the contact. 

11) Percentage: Defines the percentage, from 1 to 100%. 

12) Temperature: The temperature field allows you to select several options, list type and assign a colored icon to them. 

13) Text: Text type field, that allows the storage of complementary information. 

14) UUID: Refers to a Unique Standard Identification Code.

3.- What is a read-only field?

These custom fields allow you to store information that can only be edited by the person responsible, be it the account administrator or managers, according to the company's needs. Executives will see this information, but will not be able to edit it.  

To enable it, click on the 'Read Only' checkbox.

Select who will be in charge of updating or editing the information: the options are 

Decide if the information will be read-only when creating the contact, when editing the contact, or both. 

4.- How do I want the information that is edited from the fields to be saved?

 If you want the tracking to be saved when the field is edited, click the check box that says "Record edit as".