Upnify CRM Functions & Features
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Why sell the hard way?

Upnify CRM

Simplify your sales process with Upnify


Take control of your sales. No matter where you are, get access to detailed reports to see how things are going with your business.

Agenda and reminders
Agenda and reminders

Easily organize your activities with Upnfify's agenda and reminders linked to your prospects and customers. Your team will never forget to follow up.

Email templates
Marketing templates

Save time by sending email, SMS or WhatsApp templates with a couple of clicks. All activity reports are build automatically.


Close sales faster. Send quotes in seconds and increase your closing rate.

Electronic bills
Digital marketing

Work with your marketing specialist to optimize your digital marketing campaigns and increase your ROI.

Automatic mails
Automatic communications

Automate messages sent to your customers as they move through the funnel phases.

Here's what you can achieve using Upnify


Order your entire sales funnel to ensure sales.


Create simple steps to facilitate the purchase of your customers.

Save time

Get over monotonous tasks and automate them.

Take control

Anytime, anywhere, monitor your company's sales and activities.

Recommended by experts

Patricio Peker

Patricio Peker

Author - The Golden eggs Seller

Upnify is the #1 ally of those who are dedicated to sales

Hayley Mullen

Hayley Mullen

Sales Director - Jordan Belfort

In my experience as a manager and consultant, I have never before had the great opportunity to use a CRM as productive and effective as Upnify. It has now become a very important ally to obtain great results in our company.

Iliana Suárez

Iliana Suárez

Bauhaus Media Production Director

Now that we work from anywhere, we like our work tools to be available at all times from any location.