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Upnify Editorial Team - 18 de febrero, 2022

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Upnify® is a CRM that allows users to keep information about prospects, sales opportunities, customers and products at first hand, because our databases are available in the cloud. This is known as SAAS (Software as a Service).

The advantage is that all Upnify users can use that information to make reports, campaigns, contracts and quotes, as well as organize their agenda or activities that allow them to explore new opportunities at any time and from wherever they are, and get more sales.

Another benefit is that instead of buying the software and its updates, the cost of the SAAS is included, along with the backups and servers.

These are very good recommendations to consider when you sign up with Upnify

  1. Make sure that the internet service is optimal (Ethernet or Wifi Fiber Optic).

Check the type of internet connection (asymmetric or symmetric). For example, if you have a 20 Mbps symmetrical service, the speed when sending and receiving information will be the same (20Mbps), while if it is asymmetrical the speeds may vary significantly and be very visible to the users connected to the network of this service.

  1. The total internet bandwidth supplied by the internet service provider must be correlated to the number of users, since it is recommended that each user has at least 5 Mbps dedicated to the use of the CRM Upnify® system.
  2. If the internet bandwidth available for the use of the CRM Upnify® is also used for other streaming services (Netflix, Youtube, Video Calls, online games, etc.), the performance when using the CRM Upnify® system will be affected.
  3. It is recommended that the transfer - reception speed be the same, i.e., that the routers, switches, access points handle the same capacities in Mbps (10/100/1000) and in turn the network cards, both wired and wireless of the computers in which the CRM Upnify® is used.
  4. Upnify® being a technology services company, focuses 100% of its efforts for the benefit of its customers by optimizing software engineering and making continuous improvements to the CRM system through new technologies, for this reason, it is necessary that the customer takes into account that the Upnify® CRM system can be used on computers with processing characteristics and RAM memory that support at least Windows 10 or Mac OS operating systems and the latest versions of Internet browsers available on the market; However, it is important to note that computers with minimal features will be compromised in operation when using the Upnify® CRM system due to their technological architecture; that is, the lower the processing speed and RAM memory, the slower the use of the Upnify® CRM system will be.


Many of Upnify®'s features offer the best customer experience that a CRM system can provide.

Below we list the minimum and desirable requirements for using the latest version of the system:

Requirementes CRM.jpg

Check if you meet these requirements in your team in conjunction with your IT department and live the best experience with your Upnify® CRM.

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