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Creates objetive goals

Mon Jun 13 2022 12:08:27 GMT+0000 (hora universal coordinada)

Setting objectives will help to direct with a clear focus the activities of each member, group and the company, as well as to have a parameter to know if the purpose is being fulfilled or to find areas of opportunity.

Within your CRM, you can set specific objectives as well as be able to continuously monitor the progress of your team at any time.

The objective you set: this is a single defined goal that your executive, team or company must achieve within a set period of time. This objective represents 100% of the goal.

Creating and configuring them is very simple, follow these steps: 

1.- Go to the Tools > Goals > Objectives menu.

You can create them within the default tab, or add another one to better segment them. If you want to keep the goal within this general tab, go directly to step 4. Otherwise, select the "+" button to create your new goal.

3.- Type a name to segment it with and save it by clicking on the OK button.

4.- Now, click on the Add button.

The next thing to do is to set the target objective:

  1. Write the title/alias of the goal with which you and your team will identify it.
  1. Select the type of event in the system that you want to measure with this goal (It can be the sending of emails, WhatsApps, scheduling or making appointments, percentage of portfolio coverage, amount of sales, etc.).
  1. Choose who will be responsible for meeting this goal, the objective can be at the individual, group or company level.
  1. Define the period of time in which the goal must be achieved.
  1. Now, establish who will be the ones who must reach this goal and the amounts they must reach. 

Remember that the total of these actions or amounts that you establish in the objective represents 100% of the goal.