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How to integrate campaign tracking (UTMs) with Upnify

Mon Jun 13 2022 07:08:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

Knowing which campaigns and ads attract the most attention from your prospects and which ones bring you more sales will allow you to make better decisions about your commercial process..


To be able to integrate campaign tracking (UTMs) with your own campaigns and website you must follow these steps

  Login to your Upnify CRM account and go to Administration> Integrations > Campaign Tracking (UTMs)


Note: You need to have administrator permissions to do the integration, if you don't have them, ask your account administrator for help.

  From there you can copy the UpnifyUTMs tracking code and ask your website manager to paste it on all pages, he/she should put the code at the end of the site's Header tag.


  Add UTM tracking parameters to your marketing campaigns as seen below.

For Google Ads:

Fer Facebook Business:


Note: If you want to know what these tracking parameters are click here or if you want to start creating them click here.

  If you haven't done it yet, integrate your website to Upnify to automatically receive the visitors that register on your site. To learn how to integrate your site to Upnify follow the steps in this article:

Upnify + HTML integration


  Check the results of your marketing efforts from the new Upnify reports.