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How to acquire additional credits?

Mon Jun 13 2022 07:08:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

In order to use some features such as mass email campaigns, SMS campaigns or e-signatures, additional credits are required.

Although each license includes specific credits at renewal, you may need to purchase more. Here we list the prices of each available package:

  • Mail. This is the number of remaining mass mailings that can be sent through the system. These credits will only be consumed in case mailing campaigns are used, which are sent with a service such as Amazon AWS SES or Sendgrid, which improves the delivery rate and prevents corporate mailings from being blocked.

$1,600 MXN

$7,000 MXN

SMS pack

1,000 credits

5,000 credits

  • SMS. This is the number of messages you can send through SMS campaigns.

$299 MXN

$999 MXN

Email pack

10,000 credits

50,000 credits

  • Digital signatures. Some countries allow electronic signatures such as for signing contracts or other important documents. This feature is only available in Mexico (FEA).

$390 MXN

$2490 MXN

Timbres fiscales MX

100 créditos

1000 créditos

  • Billing stamps. Some countries require by law the stamping of invoices. This feature is only available for Mexico and we will soon include Colombia and Brazil.

$2,200 MXN

$19,900 MXN

Firmas electrónicas

100 créditos

1,000 créditos

Note: Prices listed do not include VAT