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How to configure my notifications?

Mon Jun 13 2022 07:08:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

With Upnify you can use different means to receive different alerts about events that occur in your commercial process. Configure and customize the notifications of the events you wish to receive by following these steps:

1.- Go to User menu > My notifications

2.- This screen shows all the notifications that you have pending review in the system. By clicking on the Configure button you can choose the type of notifications you wish to receive according to the topic, for example: System, Prospects, Opportunities, Customers, Tasks, Appointments or Scheduled.


From the listed events that appear, select with a dove the box of the desired means of communication:

Web Notification. These appear in the desktop version of your account. Note that you must have at least one system tab open at the time of the pending event for this notification to be activated.

E-mail. The notification will arrive by e-mail (registered user).

SMS. The notification will be sent by SMS message to the registered user's cell phone number.

Mobile via Push. The notification will appear on the devices that have the Upnify App (these will be displayed as follows 30 MIN before the scheduled time)