Where can I view attachments for leads, opportunities, sales and customers?

Mon Jun 13 2022 07:08:27 GMT-0500 (hora estándar oriental)

In the various screens containing the list of prospects, opportunities, sales and customers, there is a column (which cannot be hidden or moved) entitled Files, where you will see a paperclip icon. This indicates that the prospect has related files.

Clicking on it will display the list of files with the options to preview (file type icon) or download ("cloud" icon or name).

When an opportunity is created and a document is attached, that document will be included in the list of related files, when an opportunity is edited and another file is added, it will not replace the previous file but will be added to the list.

Each time attachments are added or deleted, a follow-up will be generated with the name of the executive who is doing it as well as the date and time.

NOTE: The files that are added when it is an opportunity or sale, will only be visible on that screen, the files that are uploaded when it is a prospect or customer can be viewed from an opportunity and sale (in addition to those of the opportunity itself).