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Report: SMS Sent

Mon Jun 13 2022 07:08:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

See the SMS sent from the CRM.

 Go to Reports > Communication > SMS Sent:

This report allows you to track the SMS messages that you have send from the CRM tool.

When you enter a window will appear similar to this one:


To filter the information in this report, use the filters located above the data:

  • Communication: You will be able to filter to display all, manual, or only the automatic ones:

   Manual: Limit the search to SMS messages sent manually.

      Automatic: Limit the search to SMS messages sent automatically.

  • Status: status of the sent SMS
  1. Sent: The search is filtered by SMS that have been sent.
  2. Not sent: The search is filtered by SMS that have not been sent.
  • Search: Allows searching for specific SMS by contact name, subject or recipient.
  • Executive: By members of the sales force. 
  • Specify period: Determine the period you want the report to show.
  • New Parameter: You can create the filter that you need:


  • Contact: Name of the receiving contact.
  • Company: It will show the company whenever it is linked or added to the contact.
  • Email: Email address of the contact
  • Text: content of the SMS message
  • Date: Date that the SMS was sent
  • Status: Status of the sent SMS
  • Executive: This filter allows you to narrow your search to specific executives who have sent SMS.


  • The detail can be exported in CSV, JSON, or MailChimp as just the data on the screen or as all of it.


  • Clicking on the contact name will send you directly to the 'Contact details' tab.
  • You can only send SMS to contacts registered with a mobile number.
  • They have an additional cost, for more information contact us.