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Report: Top Clients

Mon Jun 13 2022 07:08:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

You can see which clients have continually purchased from you.

 Go to Reports > Clients > Top Clients:

This report will help you to track the sales generated by your most frequent clients.

You will see a screen similar to this one:


To filter the information in this report, use the filters located above the data.

  • Specified period: Determine the period you want the report to show.
  • Team: By sales force teams (System >Catalog >Sales force teams).
  • Executive: By sales force members.  
  • New Parameter: You can create the filter that you need.


  • Client: Name of the contact.
  • Company: It will show the company whenever it is linked or created in the contact.
  • Origin: Means by which the contact was received.
  • Initials: Initials of the executive who performed the activity.
  • Last purchase: Indicates the day the sale was closed.
  • # Transactions: Number of sales made.
  • Average ticket: It is the result of the accumulated sales between the number of transactions.
  • Accumulated sales: Shows the total amount of sales.
  • %: It is the representation of the individual sales amount in percentage, to obtain it, follow this rule of 3:

Ventas acumuladas (100%)/ Monto total de las ventas acumuladas


  • The filtered information will be displayed in the graph.
  • If you position the cursor over one of the parts of the graph, it shows you the name of the executive as well as the percentage of their sales.
  • By clicking on the name of one of the customers, you will be directed to the 'Client Information' tab where you will be able to see the sales made.


  • The detail can be exported in CSV, JSON, or MailChimp as jus the data on the screen or all of it.


  • It takes into account the sales even if the customer was created in a different period than the one selected in the field 'Period', i.e. if the contact or the sale was created in December 2017 but the sale was closed in March 2018 and you set the filter period to 'Current Month (March 2018), it will take the sale into account here.