What activities are recorded in the CRM?

Mon Jun 13 2022 07:08:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

Upnify allows you to register ten activities:




These are all the comments that a salesperson makes to remember that he/she spoke with the prospect, such as: needs, offers, particular situations, etcetera.


These are the telephone conversations made to each prospect or customer. For the activity to be recognized as a call, it must be dialed from the Upnify® mobile application or call dialing must be activated through a SoftPhone on an IP switch.


Emails are the emails sent to the contact from Upnify CRM. Each email is stored as part of the follow-up. To send an email simply click on any email address.


Upnify allows you to send SMS messages to your contacts from within the application and in bulk. SMS messages have an additional cost and must be contracted directly with our customer service line.


These are all the pending appointments scheduled in the calendar that involve a contact registered in Upnify


These are all reminders generated by a user for a certain contact. For example: send quote or review financing. All reminders have an associated date and time.


These are all the visits that are made to the customer's or prospect's home. For an activity to be marked with this type, it must be done through the mobile application, so that it can be geolocated.


These are all the tasks associated with a prospect and that are assigned to another executive. Example: make an inspection visit. Tasks have associated date, time and responsible executive.


These are all the quotation documents made through Upnify® and that are based on a Microsoft© Word or Excel format. In order to be counted, they must contain a FOLIO.


These are the WhatsApps sent to the contact from the web or application. The first WhatsApp® is stored as part of the follow-up. To send a WhatsApp® simply click on the contact's mobile number.

These activities can be filtered in the Follow-ups section of each contact. In this section, click on the contextual menu on the right side and select the option: Change visualization to toggle between the original view and the view by activity.

and the view by activity, the follow-ups will be displayed as shown below:

You will then be able to select any of the ten activities in the tabs. For example, select the calls made:

To learn more you can view the activity log report: go to Report -> Activities -> Log.