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Tag and untag in phases

Mon Jun 13 2022 07:08:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

Upnify gives you the option to tag and untag contacts when moving from one phase to another, both in the Prospect, Opportunity or Client Phases.


1.- Go to the System > Catalogs > Phases

2.- Make sure you choose the correct entity and locate the type of phase in which you want to add the actions, and from the options menu select "Actions of the phase".

3.- On the next screen the actions you have created will appear, click on Add.

4.- Next, choose the Untag option.

5.- And choose the label that will be removed when moving to this phase.

6.- Once you have it ready, click on the 


1.- Once the system returns you to the Phase Actions, if you want to add an automatic label to this Phase, click on thebutton Add

2.- Now, select the Tag option

3.- And choose the one you want to be added when the contact reaches this stage.

4.- Click OK and that's it!  

You will see that the actions are reflected in the Actions section of the phase.

If you want to know other automatic actions that you can create in your phases, click here and we will show you step by step.