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What is certainty?

Mon Jun 13 2022 07:08:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

The certainty of sale will allow you to quickly visualize which opportunities have a higher probability of closing and are classified with the following colors:

Opportunities with a percentage of less than 33% will have a red button to the right.

Those with between 34% and 66% will be considered medium probability and will have a yellow button.

Probabilities with a percentage higher than 66% will be in green.

The certainty is one of the mandatory fields to fill in the form when you pass a prospect to opportunities, however the certainty can be modified at any time you wish in the following way:

- Click on the opportunity you wish to update 

- At the end of the tab, Add a follow-up, when you click on it, a window will appear to add a follow-up summary and thus be able to change the certainty as shown below.

Knowing in detail the certainty of your sales opportunities will allow you to make decisions in an easier way as shown in the following image. In this summary of certainty of opportunities you can find it at the bottom of your opportunities screen and in it you will have a summary of all the certainties of your opportunities and their equivalent in money.

With this summary of certainty of opportunities you will be able to make decisions such as: 

- When is the best time to invest

- How much money we expect to have in the next months or you can even elaborate a marketing campaign to target those opportunities that are about to close.