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Eye Tracking

Eye tracking is a technique used in various fields, such as market research, cognitive psychology, website usability, and advertising, to measure and analyze individuals' eye movements while they perform specific tasks. This technology records and maps eye movements, including changes in gaze direction, fixation on specific points, and time spent on each area of interest.

The main goal of eye tracking is to understand how people visually interact with stimuli such as advertisements, user interfaces, product packaging, digital content, and more. This provides valuable insights into visual attention, perception, and user behavior, which can then be used to optimize design, communication, and user experience.

To conduct eye tracking, specialized devices are used, such as eye-tracking cameras, which record the position and movement of the eyes while people perform a specific task. These devices can be mounted on computer screens, special glasses, or even integrated into mobile devices for more natural and non-intrusive field studies.

The analysis of eye tracking data provides a variety of metrics and visualizations that help interpret users' visual behavior. These metrics include the duration of fixations, visual scanning patterns, the most highlighted points of interest, and the visual path followed by users. From this data, researchers can identify areas of interest, determine the effectiveness of a visual design or message, and make specific improvements to optimize user attention and understanding.

Eye tracking is widely used in market research to assess the effectiveness of advertisements, product packaging design, and the usability of websites and applications. It is also applied in areas such as psychology to study visual perception and attention, and in medicine to diagnose ocular and neurological disorders.

In summary, eye tracking is a powerful tool for understanding and analyzing individuals' visual behavior, providing valuable insights to optimize visual design and communication in a variety of contexts and applications.

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