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The podcast, a booming form of digital content, manifests as an auditory expression disseminated through the internet, offering radio programs, talks, interviews, or narratives that users can enjoy online or download for later listening on mobile devices or computers. The etymology of the word "podcast" comes from the fusion of "iPod" (an Apple music playback device) and "broadcast" (transmission), although its playback is not limited to devices of this brand and can take place on a wide variety of platforms.

The diversity of topics covered in podcasts is astonishing, ranging from news and education to entertainment, comedy, technology, and many other areas. Its popularity has experienced significant growth due to its accessibility and flexibility, allowing listeners to consume content conveniently while engaging in other everyday activities such as driving, exercising, or working.

The production of a podcast involves the recording and editing of episodes, which are then published on specialized platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts. Podcast creators can be individuals, companies, media outlets, or any entity interested in sharing auditory information. This format has democratized the production of audio content, providing a wide range of voices the opportunity to reach global audiences and contribute to the diversification of the contemporary media landscape.

The inherent flexibility of the podcast format has transformed how we consume and engage with auditory content, challenging traditional broadcast structures. By allowing any individual or entity the capacity to create and share content, podcasts become a democratized channel for expression, where diverse and authentic voices find their space and resonance.

The podcast phenomenon not only redefines how we interact with information and entertainment but also represents a new era in which the audience plays an active role in choosing and creating content. Thus, the podcast emerges as a driving force that not only democratizes the production of audio content but also enriches the global media landscape by providing an accessible and diverse platform for unexplored narratives and unique perspectives.

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