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OPC (Outside Public Contact)

Outside Public Contact is a marketing and sales strategy commonly employed in the timeshare and vacation property industry in the United States. This approach involves sales representatives engaging with potential customers outside of the company's usual business premises. These interactions typically occur in public settings, such as shopping malls, fairs, beaches, hotels, or even special events like sports games or conventions.

The primary objective of Outside Public Contact is to capture the attention and interest of consumers who may not have otherwise sought out information about the product or service being offered. In many cases, these consumers are approached by sales representatives who aim to introduce them to the benefits of owning a timeshare or vacation property.

These interactions often take the form of friendly, informative conversations in which the sales representatives explain the advantages of the product, such as flexible vacation options, potential cost savings, and the allure of owning a share in a desirable property. Representatives may also offer incentives, such as free gifts, discounts, or exclusive access to vacation packages, to encourage potential customers to attend presentations or sales pitches.

However, it's important to note that Outside Public Contact has faced scrutiny and regulation due to instances of aggressive or misleading sales tactics in the past. As a result, consumer protection laws and regulations have been put in place to ensure that these interactions are conducted ethically and transparently. This includes requirements for clear and accurate disclosures, cooling-off periods, and the provision of detailed contract terms.

In summary, Outside Public Contact is a marketing and sales strategy used in the timeshare and vacation property industry to engage potential customers outside of traditional business locations. While it can provide opportunities for consumers to learn about exciting vacation options, it has also been subject to regulation to protect consumers from deceptive practices.

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