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Data mining

The process of using statistical and computational techniques to uncover patterns and insights from vast databases is commonly referred to as data mining or Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD). This process involves extracting valuable information and knowledge from raw data and transforming it into a comprehensible format for future application. Data mining enables businesses to make informed decisions, enhance customer satisfaction, predict upcoming trends, and achieve various other objectives through the insights gleaned from the extracted information.

Data mining plays a significant role in identifying customer behavior patterns, which is essential for businesses seeking to enhance their marketing and sales strategies. Through the examination of customer purchasing patterns, organizations can determine which products and services are most popular, pinpoint lucrative customer segments, and establish strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

In general, data mining serves as a crucial and potent tool for analyzing and investigating massive sets of data. Its purpose extends beyond mere observation, as it reveals concealed insights and patterns that may be beyond human comprehension. By utilizing advanced statistical and machine learning methods, data mining reveals valuable insights and practical information that can enable informed decision-making and strategic planning.

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