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GAP Matrix

A GAP matrix is an analysis tool used in various fields, such as business management, engineering, strategic planning, and market research, among others. Its main purpose is to assess and visualize the discrepancies or gaps between two sets of data, criteria, or expectations.

The typical GAP matrix involves two main dimensions: the first dimension represents a set of criteria, characteristics, or standards being evaluated, while the second dimension represents the different aspects or elements of the entity under analysis, such as products, services, processes, or experiences.

To construct a GAP matrix, first, the criteria or expectations to be evaluated are identified, and a measurement scale is established for each. Then, data or information about the current performance or present situation in relation to these criteria is collected. This current performance is placed in one column of the matrix.

Subsequently, the goals, standards, or ideal expectations for each of the evaluated criteria are defined. These expectations are placed in another column of the matrix, representing the desired level of performance or compliance.

Once the columns for current performance and ideal expectations have been established, the gap or difference between these two sets of data for each criterion or characteristic is calculated. This difference is represented in the matrix as numerical values, charts, or color codes, allowing for a quick visualization of areas where improvements or adjustments are needed.

The GAP matrix provides a clear view of the opportunity areas and challenges facing an organization, enabling decision-makers to prioritize actions and allocate resources effectively to close the identified gaps. Additionally, it facilitates communication and alignment between different teams or departments by establishing clear and measurable objectives for future performance. In summary, the GAP matrix is a powerful tool for analysis and strategic planning that helps organizations improve their performance and achieve their goals.

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