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Identity Governance

Identity governance refers to the set of policies, processes and technologies used to manage and control the digital identity of individuals within an organization or in a broader online environment. Digital identity refers to the information and attributes associated with an individual in the digital world, such as usernames, passwords, identification numbers, profiles and roles.

Identity governance aims to establish a comprehensive management framework to ensure that digital identities are trusted, secure and comply with established regulations and policies. This involves implementing controls and procedures to ensure proper authentication, accurate authorization and management of access rights to digital resources.

In an organization, identity governance helps establish clear policies on how employee identities are created, modified and deleted and how they are granted access to systems and data. This includes implementing identity and access management (IAM) processes to ensure that users have the appropriate level of access based on their roles and responsibilities.

Identity governance also addresses privacy and security issues, such as access control, password management, suspicious activity monitoring and digital certificate management. In addition, it is concerned with the management of external identities, such as suppliers, customers and partners, and how they interact with the organization's systems and data.

In a broader online environment, identity governance refers to the standards and practices used to ensure the security and privacy of digital identities in electronic transactions, social networks and other online services. This may involve the implementation of authentication and authorization protocols, such as OAuth and OpenID, as well as the protection of personal information and the management of user consent.

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