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Newsjacking is a marketing technique that involves leveraging current and relevant news, events or trends to generate attention and visibility for a brand, product or service. The term "newsjacking" is a combination of "news" and "hijacking," reflecting the idea of taking media attention from an event or news story and redirecting it toward a marketing objective.

The central concept of newsjacking revolves around seizing the attention and press coverage sparked by ongoing events to integrate itself into the dialogue and align it with a company's promotional message. This can be achieved through diverse methods, including crafting pertinent content, sharing clever remarks on social media platforms, engaging in conversations linked to the news topic, and more.

It is important to note that newsjacking must be done with care and respect. Not all news or events are suitable for this technique, and it is essential to consider whether the connection between the news and the marketing message is appropriate and relevant. In addition, the content created must be of quality and add value to the conversation rather than simply capitalizing on media attention.

When done effectively, newsjacking can help brands increase their visibility, attract the attention of new audiences and generate online interactions. However, it can also be risky if not approached with sensitivity and consideration.

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