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The 3 C's of writing

This principle forms the foundation of effective sales communication, stating that all communication delivered by a sales professional should possess three essential characteristics:

  1. Clarity: The communication must be conscious and deliberate, ensuring that the message is clearly conveyed to the recipient.
  2. Comprehensive information: It is crucial to provide complete information to the customer, leaving no room for ambiguity or confusion.
  3. Textual coherence: The communication should maintain a coherent structure, making it easy for the customer to understand and follow.

By adhering to these characteristics, the salesperson's communication not only adds value but also fosters a stronger connection between them and the customer. Direct and impactful communication promotes effective retention of information, facilitating a mutually beneficial relationship between both parties.

The Sales Glossary is a compendium of all the most commonly used terminology in sales strategy. Many of the concepts listed here are used when implementing a CRM system or a digital sales funnel, no matter if they are legacy systems or an online CRM. See also our blog that deals with sales techniques, marketing and sales culture.