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3 essential components of a great sales team

Upnify Editorial Team - 14 de septiembre, 2022

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There are 3 essential components of a great sales team. You will always find them well-defined in any successful organization. They may be given different titles, but they will always be simple: people, processes, and tools.

Each of these elements directly influences the results that your company will obtain, but from a different perspective. They are mutually exclusive. Without people using tools, there are no processes to follow and, therefore, no sales. No sale, no business. And until we have artificial intelligence this will always be the case.

1.- Extraordinary people

The first component of a highly efficient sales department is great people. A great HR and people management team must be behind the entire recruiting process ensuring that you always have the best individuals to complement your team. But it does not stop there, you have to introduce them to the organizational culture and get them to align their personal goals with those of the company and even after that keep them motivated and constantly in training.

And this procedure is just the beginning, every individual in a highly effective sales department has certain characteristics, some to a greater or lesser extent, that make them a key part of that department.

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First is a positive attitude. People will always want to associate with others who are enthusiastic and have a positive outlook on life. We are attracted to outgoing personalities and especially those who show optimism. We all have bad days, the secret is that salespeople don't show it to the customer or learn to manage their emotions.

Another characteristic of a great salesperson is tenacity. A focused salesperson sets goals and achieves them, even if it means shedding sweat, blood, and tears. Challenges will always be an incentive to stand up and fight day after day. I could go on for hours just talking about the extraordinary people that make up a successful sales department, however, we are still missing two of the essential components to cover.

2.-Defined processes

You got the great people for your sales department, now it's time to generate revenue. What do you do? Do you pat them on the back and tell them: You can do it, champion, bring in the goal for the month? Of course not. It's time to define the processes your company follows so that your employees are as prepared as possible to face the commercial world. This is where you show them if your business relies on email and how much weight is given to it, how many calls they have to make to reach the goal if they are a company based on Customer Success, or even if the sale is defined by a strict script to be followed to the letter.

Every company should have its processes defined for one simple reason: because they work.

Someone spent hours struggling to find the right method for every business, and skipping any of those steps is a killer in every sale. You already have the best salespeople in the world, now empower them to achieve the goals they have set for the company.

And not everything falls on the organization, it is the people who must be hungry to learn and stay prepared, you must provide them with constant training, but they are the ones who should always be looking to be at the forefront of the trends and want self-improvement.

3.- Adequate tools

That is why every great sales team must be provided with the necessary tools to do an extraordinary job. The commercial world is always evolving and whoever makes the best use of the resources around them will be the one with the best results. Once the processes have been defined, the tools you give them should help make those processes as simple and detailed as possible. A correct follow-up of each step of the sales process is the key to achieving better results for the company.

This is where I invite you to embrace technology and squeeze the results of using software like CRM. Upnify offers you quotes in minutes, GPS tracking of your sales team's process, and email automation for different situations, among many other tools that will make your extraordinary sales team perform to the best of their ability.

Take a free trial, use Upnify and complete the circle, and close that missing link to having a great sales team today.

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