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Financial Planning and CRM

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CRM Sales Training | 22 de enero, 2022

This article is for entrepreneurs and people who want to have healthy finances. Among the tips we share with you, we include the purchase of a CRM, since it will be very useful for your business or company.

Follow these simple tips when preparing your financial planning and everything will go smoothly:

Compare prices. Take advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet; check prices online and compare the cost and characteristics of your products. This way, you will know how to make the best use of your money. Imagine that you can save up to 50% off on all your purchases. At the end of the month, your balance sheet will reflect that 50% savings. Attractive, isn't it?

 If there is a discount on the products you purchase, pay in cash. This way you avoid having to pay monthly fees and you will be paying less.

The 50-30-20 rule will contribute a lot to your financial health. It is a rule that will help you manage your expenses in a balanced way. It consists of dividing your income into 50% for basic items, such as rent, supplies, payroll, services, etc. The 30% should be used for activities such as training, travel, bonuses; finally, the remaining 20% will help you to gradually pay off accumulated debts. If you have no debts, congratulations! Save this percentage for the future.

When setting goals, follow the SMART rule, stressing the importance of realistic goals. These goals should anticipate events within and beyond our control, such as a drop in interest rates, a pandemic or changes in financial conditions. Prudence is the word when planning. Review these goals monthly and adjust them.

Invest in your financial learning. Applying that learning to your business will impact your bottom line.

Carry out the control of your income and expenses periodically. It seems obvious, but it is rather essential. Reviewing your numbers every day makes you aware of when you are overspending or, as they say, throwing money away on unnecessary things.

It is essential to always have an emergency fund. Always save for unforeseen events. It never hurts to have a fund to help you solve any setback without decapitalizing yourself.

The more control you have over the variables that involve your finances, the easier it will be to achieve your goals.

Now, as a company or business, a CRM can be very useful to carry out a better control of your processes; even more if you integrate it to an ERP. Watch the following video and decide.

Once you have chosen the right tool for you, all your planning will be easier.

Definitely, after the pandemic, technology and the digital world are here to stay. Use the tools to your financial advantage.

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