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How to create a sales forecast with your CRM

Upnify Editorial Team - 25 de noviembre, 2022

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In addition to the year-end preparations, you make in your company to celebrate the holiday season, this season is also an excellent opportunity to make a general analysis of the current situation in your company: How much have you grown in the market? How were your sales during the year? What is missing to increase your sales?

Before setting your goals for the next month, you need to be realistic and see how much you can generate, only from this data you can set your sales goal, as ambitious as you want.  To do this you will have to review what has been the trend of your sales and from this data create your sales forecast.


Setting a realistic and achievable goal is easier with detailed reports generated in seconds from a CRM, plus you can monitor your progress every month and even throughout the year. Here are 3 CRM reports that will help you easily create a sales forecast for 2023


 3 CRM reports that will help you create sales forecasts easily


 Sales Estimation

This report compiles what has been the trend of your sales in the last periods and from it creates an estimate for the following ones; either monthly, quarterly or yearly. Also, with filters, you can organize the information by executive, origin, or probability (high, medium, low).


This report is very useful when creating a sales forecast because you can use it to get a forecast of how much each of your executives are expected to sell, to know which channel is expected to generate more sales, or simply to know how likely you are to increase your sales.


To view this report just go to the menu Reports → Opportunities → Sales Estimation.


 Won vs. lost opportunities


This report will help you to know how many opportunities you won during the year and how many you let go. It allows you to know what your conversion rate has been this year and from this data set a goal "This year I will increase my conversion rate by 5%".


You can also classify this information according to the periodicity, the origin of the opportunities, or by the executive. To use this report in your sales forecast, just go to the menu reports → opportunities → won vs lost.


 Conversions report

 Another report that will be very useful for your sales forecast for 2018 is the historical report. There you will be able to know the history of the activities that your executives have performed during the year, including how many sales they have generated in each month of the year.

 To view this report, just go to the menu Reports → Activities → History.


 Reach your objectives 


In addition to creating a sales forecast with the different reports provided by your CRM, you can set your goals and monitor your progress throughout the year. Goals can be a personal, group, or company-wide. Remember that goals are worked on every day, so you can also create a daily plan to make progress every day until you achieve all your goals.

How to create a sales forecast with your CRM

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