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How to succeed in the Real Estate business with a CRM?

Upnify Editorial Team - 14 de junio, 2022


In this article you will learn what a CRM is, what are its main applications and how this tool helps real estate agencies to easily and effectively solve their most common problems.

What is a CRM and what are its applications in the real estate sector?

Customer Relationship Management, better known as CRM, is a system that helps companies to have a correct management and organization of their customers, but beyond that, in the real estate sector it has become a strategy increasingly used by various real estate agencies.

The CRM has been of great support for the real estate sector because it is an excellent tool that facilitates the organization of follow-up, scheduling appointments with clients and saving time in daily tasks. All these problems are very common in real estate due to the nature of this business.

Why is a CRM the ideal Real Estate Software?

Consumers have been evolving as technology has advanced, this has implied a change in the way companies sell and the real estate sector is no exception. Indirect competition for the real estate sector has been increasing with the emergence of the internet and social networks, it is now common to find on Facebook groups dedicated to the purchase and sale of houses and real estate.

Faced with this situation, real estate agencies have seen the need to duplicate their efforts, however, real estate agencies that use a CRM have been able to simplify their business process to accelerate the buying process of their customers and provide them with a better experience through personalized attention and the speed of response that using a CRM gives you.

Benefits of a CRM for the real estate sector

Forget about paperwork and save time

A CRM allows you to store contracts, runs or any other document you need to always have on hand to send to your customers. You can also send emails automatically while you are closing more sales.

Beat your competition

When a family is looking for a new house, they usually visit several options, if you send your quote before your competition, you will be one step ahead and with the CRMs automatic quote function this is possible.

You will never forget an appointment with a client again

With the electronic calendar and appointment reminders, you will never again miss an appointment with a prospective client to show them their dream home. Taking control of your time is easier with this function.

Who gets the commission?

A common internal problem in real estate agencies is assigning who gets the commission for the sale, since most of the time up to 3 advisors are involved in the buying process of the same client. A CRM like Upnify allows you to randomly assign your prospects and assign what percentage of commission corresponds to the advisor for each closed sale.

Close sales anywhere

A real estate consultant is a person in constant movement, he has to go back and forth from one point to another several times, that is why it is important that he has a tool like the CRM that accompanies him everywhere and allows him to close sales anywhere.

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