Perseverance in sales: The Key to Sales Success

Upnify Editorial Team - 7 de octubre, 2023


This article will teach you the value of patience in sales and how it may help you advance your career. Learn how to overcome barriers, move on after rejections, and cultivate a resilient mindset in order to reach your sales goals.

Perseverance is a precious jewel and a critical success factor. This quality, understood as the ability to remain steadfast in the pursuit of a goal even when circumstances become unfavorable, is a key differentiator between average and exceptional salespeople.


The reality of sales persistence

Studies show that 48% of salespeople give up after their first contact with a prospect. And by the second call, 90% of salespeople have given up. However, a valuable lesson emerges: the sixth call is the one that connects with 93% of prospects (Sales process pays: find the right persistence level, Velocify Blog, Dec 19, 2012).

Inspirational phrases that drive persistence

On the sales journey, it is essential to feed yourself with words that fuel perseverance:


- "Never confuse an isolated failure with a definite failure." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

- "A winner is a loser who tried again." - George M. Moore Jr.

- "Every strike brings me closer to the next home run." - Babe Ruth

- "The courage that counts is the courage that gets you from one moment to the next." - Mignon McLaughlin


Enemies of Perseverance

John C. Maxwell, renowned author and leadership expert, identifies five enemies of perseverance:


  1. The habit of giving up: Opportunities require persistence. Don't give in to an initial "no" and don't put off the sale you could close today.
  2. The belief that life is easy: Failure is learning. Every rejection is an opportunity to improve and rethink strategies.
  3. Believe that success is destiny: Success requires constant work and dedication. The effort is a constant companion on the road to success.
  4. Lack of Endurance: Rest is essential, but pushing yourself to the limit every day builds the strength you need.
  5. Lack of vision: Vision precedes action. Visualize success and create a plan with clear results.


Developing Perseverance in Sales

Maxwell offers recommendations for cultivating persistence in the art of selling:


- Set realistic sales goals.

- Focus on personal and product/service strengths.

- Take responsibility for success and failure.

- Persist in selling by trying different approaches.

- Develop a variety of ways to get a "yes" from the customer.

- View failure as a temporary episode on the road to success.



Persistence is the difference between good and extraordinary sales performance. This attribute embodies the mindset of a good salesperson in the face of adversity. Salespeople can strengthen their resilience by listening to mentors like John C. Maxwell. Finally, true specialists are distinguished by their tenacity when it comes to negotiating their way to success in the difficult stages of sales.

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