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Using Powerful Words to Succeed In Business: Lessons from the Wolf of Wall Street

Upnify Editorial  Team Por Upnify Editorial Team

Marketing Sales | 22 de agosto, 2023

In the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, we are introduced to a controversial figure who transformed from a humble stockbroker into a Wall Street tycoon. One of the most significant lessons we can glean from this story is the importance of the words we use to convey our intentions and goals, particularly in how we employ them to pursue and achieve our dreams.

The line from Jordan Belfort's character that "winners use words like ' must' and 'will'" is one of the most memorable in the movie. The simplicity of this remark belies its enormous significance when viewed in the context of having a winning attitude and a strong sense of purpose.


Many people strive for success and victory in their lives, whether it is in their professional, interpersonal, or financial endeavors.

The significance of responsibility:

When we use the word "must," we are accepting responsibility for the things we do and speak. This phrase suggests a firm commitment to oneself and a promise to carry out a particular deed or job. As a result, we take ownership of our obligations and eliminate all possibilities for justifications or evasions.

The ability to act:

On the other hand, the phrase "I will" expresses a strong will to take a particular action. It is a declaration of intent that encourages quick and efficient action. Winners commit to the execution and realization of their goals rather than just remaining at the level of ideas or aims.

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Make your dreams come true:

Speaking in "shall" and "will" phrases be essential to making our ambitions come true. By utilizing these phrases to convey our goals, we train our minds to concentrate on success and conquering challenges. It is the first step in achieving our goals and keeps us concentrated in the right direction.

Even in the face of potential obstacles on the path to becoming a true winner, this enables us to stay motivated and focused on solutions and opportunities.



In conclusion, the lesson from The Wolf of Wall Street about the need to use words like "must" and "will" illustrates the importance of tenacity and responsibility in the pursuit of achievement. By adopting this winning mentality, we accept accountability for our deeds, resolve to carry them through and foster a positive, proactive view. Let's utilize uplifting, action-oriented language to realize our dreams and ambitions by keeping in mind that the words we say have the potential to shape our future. Become a winner by employing effective language!

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