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Prospect Nurturing and CRM, the best formula to help you increase your sales

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CRM Marketing Sales | 7 de abril, 2022

In your sales process you will find 10% of people who are ready or interested in buying from you and salespeople focus on them. But what about the other 90%?

They are unattended, which means future lost sales. Would you like to treat them in the same time, with a minimum of effort? If your answer is yes, this is what will get you interested.

Implement a Prospect Nurturing strategy.

This is a strategy that systematizes the follow-up, it will enable you to be in direct and personalized contact for long periods of time with the prospects that you cannot attend and thus achieve a significant increase in your sales.

Prospect Nurturing focuses on giving valuable information to qualified prospects who are not ready to buy and the key to success is that the content must keep your prospects engaged and interested.              

 5 Keys to successful implementation

Companies that design an automatic follow-up strategy through a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or a sales system manage to generate 50% more results at a lower cost. Here are five points that will help you get the most out of your Prospect Nurturing (Lead Nurturing) strategy:

  1. Be persistent. Brian Tracy says that a new sale is generated on average by the fifth call or contact, and the average salesperson doesn't make it past the second. You can make the difference, it is a reality that today we must deal with highly busy managers, the following statistic is shocking:

In 2007 on average, it took 3.68 cold call attempts to locate a prospect. Today it takes 8 attempts (Source: TeleNet and Ovation Sales Group).

It is very important that through a sales or CRM system you can be present throughout the whole buying cycle and not give up on your follow-ups and calls. 

  1. Deliver value. The information you share with your prospects must be of quality and of great interest to them, otherwise you will end up in the spam mailbox; you want your prospect to say: "tell me more".

III. Position yourself in your customer's mind. 50% of the people you meet on a date will forget about you in 3 days and 90% will not remember you after a week. What can you do to make them remember you? Establish constant contact with him, so in the next time it is time to look for a supplier you will be the first one he remembers. 

  1. Establish a personal relationship. Position your name and build a long-term relationship. When writing your Prospect Nurturing pieces in your CRM consider speaking in a special way and always establishing a feeling of genuine interest.
  2. Choose the right time. Consider the following points:

- Spend the average time of your customer's buying process.

- Don't send emails to your prospect daily.

- Your communication must be personalized

Prospect Nurturing strategies can be simple or very sophisticated, the key to prospect nurturing is to stay in the prospect's mind during the whole buying cycle. 

Remember: "the saint who is not seen, the saint who is not worshipped".

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