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Prospecting: How to help your salespeople when it comes to selling?

Angélica Frías - 7 de octubre, 2022

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Remember that customer prospecting is the raw material to start sales. A salesperson who does not spend time selling is very expensive and results in a low return on investment (ROI).

One of the reasons why many companies have sales below their expectations is because their sales force spends much of its time performing activities in addition to sales work: customer prospecting, follow-up on projects or deliveries, and check cashing, among other activities.

Remember that customer prospecting is the raw material to start the sales process. The salesperson who does not spend his time selling is very expensive and results in a low return on investment (ROI).

Now, let´s imagine how we can save the sales force time prospecting customers, what if you had dozens of customers asking for what you offer? This would make things easier, as salespeople would ¨use¨ their time prospecting for customers who are previously interested in your product. This strategy gives us a better return on investment.

Now I share 3 tips you can apply to your company to achieve customer prospecting.

1.-Use marketing to your advantage: referrals in your email.

I share the following example of customer prospecting: Can you imagine receiving dozens of emails from people who are interested in what you sell every day, all year long? This can be achieved with a proper Online marketing effort.

Your website, properly developed and positioned, can be used as a powerful customer prospecting medium, since there are millions of people using this medium every day, and most likely, hundreds who are looking for what you sell.

If you could capture these prospects and assign them to your salespeople, they would not have to spend their time searching for them. This strategy could give you the push your sales force needs to reach your goals, and best of all: at a very affordable price for all companies (without exception) so no business should miss out on this channel.

2.-I have a website and nobody contacts me

Let´s imagine that you print 10,000 flyers with promotions and leave them in a box at the entrance of your office. What would happen? I can guarantee you that nobody will contact you. You have to distribute those flyers to get any results.

Similarly, you have to attract people who are looking for what you sell on your website and shout to the world: Here I am, I have what you need! Many entrepreneurs have told me that they have never been contacted through their website and they wonder why. The reason is very simple: the fact that you publish your website does not imply that search engines will find you or that someone will visit you.

3.-Start by knowing the traffic to your site.

Although it is not the only factor, my first recommendation is to know the number of daily visits your website has, as this will give you a clear idea of the current status. For example, take the example of flyers: usually, h, hundreds of them must be distributed daily to generate results. Likewise, if your website does not receive at least 50 to 100 unique visitors per day, your efforts are insufficient. Reach out to Online marketing professional. I guarantee that the investment will pay off.

  Remember that customer prospecting is the raw material to start the sales process. 

Por Angélica Frías

Angélica Frías

Degree in Marketing from UNITEC and Master in Human Development from Salle Bajío. Specialist in developing business strategies focused on automation. She is currently the Commercial Director at SalesUp! and Upnify