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The blessings of working in sales

Upnify Editorial Team - 20 de agosto, 2022

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Recent studies coincide in that the sales professional is the most demanded position in job offers, due to the fact that this is the fundamental part in the companies support and development.

If to this, we also add that there are several positive aspects that this profession brings and that have an impact at the moment of choosing this commercial activity.

We share with you eight benefits that you can get from working in sales:

1.- Relationships with others

People say that by working in sales you have the opportunity to meet many people, to encourage relationships that in many cases go beyond the customer-salesperson relationship, achieving a lasting friendship.

Success in life is determined by the quality and quantity of people you serve, your best asset is always your contacts, working in sales you will always achieve this.

Success always depends on helping a sufficient number of people to be successful.

That it is automatic and also that some of them can support you when you need it. The happiest moments of your life will always be when you are surrounded by people. That is why fostering interpersonal relationships is one of the greatest blessings.

2.- The income

The amount of money you can earn by working in sales is unlimited, the limit is set by you.

3.- Freedom

When working in sales you have the freedom to make decisions, you can make them to mark your destiny in sales, for example, how do you answer an objection, when do you close the sale? These are personal decisions that you make; another freedom that working in sales offers is the freedom of time, because even though you are asked to check your business card, you can decide what activities you are going to do during the day, what market niche are you going to attack? Follow up with clients, order papers, remember that all decisions mark a destiny.

4.- In sales there is 0 unemployment

When you have seen a newspaper (in any city) where there is no ad requesting a salesperson, a situation that does not happen with other jobs that have to wait a long time for a vacancy to be announced where you can apply. In sales you can always prove how good a salesperson you are.

5.- Sales are exciting

How many times have you had a sale canceled and you go back to your office with a heavy heart and a bigger sale is waiting for you, that's what working in sales is like, a roller coaster of emotions, no other activity gives you that.

6.- Satisfactory sales

The most comfortable thing when you work in sales is usually when a person thanks you because through your service, they improved their quality of life.

7.- You can start without investment

To start a business you have to invest, but not in sales. You can test yourself to see how good you are, how far you can go with just decision and courage.

8.- The Sales are fun

A sense of humor is a great attribute in sales work because it allows you to enjoy what you are doing.

In addition to the eight benefits, working in sales allows you to progress professionally by acquiring essential resources: our own personal competence.


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