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When to automate your marketing process?

Upnify Editorial Team - 7 de noviembre, 2022

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More and more companies are choosing to automate their marketing processes to save time and increase their results, however a bad implementation of an automatic marketing campaign can result in a catastrophe, that is why in this article we want to talk about in which situations you should automate your marketing actions and which others are best avoided.

Benefits of automating your marketing actions

  • Save time: By automating your daily or recurring tasks, you have more time to work on new projects that help you increase your sales.
  • Simplifying marketing processes makes your life easier.
  • Take control: You are in control of your marketing actions, this allows you to monitor their impact and prevent possible situations.
  • Reduce effort: Get the same or even better results in your campaigns but now invest less effort.


When you DO need to automate your marketing actions


Automated Email Marketing or Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Automatic communications are an excellent strategy that companies are using more and more to simplify their daily tasks without sacrificing their quality in customer service; so their prospects feel that they are important to them and companies reduce the effort in each campaign, a great example of this are the congratulation emails, enter here to see how to send them easily from your Upnify.


Social Media Marketing

Social networks have become an important point in the marketing strategy of any company, more and more sales are achieved through this medium; that is why automatically saving the information of all your prospects that reach you through this medium is something you should start doing right now, go here to learn more about the link that Upnify has with Facebook.

Follow up with leads

When you get a new lead or a new prospect it is of utmost importance that you provide the proper follow-up to prevent it from getting out of your hands and turn it into a real sales opportunity, but sometimes between so many day-to-day tasks it is almost impossible to provide adequate attention to each of them; automating your follow-up allows you to strengthen the relationship of trust with your customer but without effort.


IMPORTANT: Do not neglect human contact, even if they are automated actions your customers or prospects should not feel that they are talking to a robot, remember, people, buy from people. The only way to achieve this is to offer them content that is directly related to your customer's needs, always with friendly and simple language.


When NOT to automate

Poor implementation

There is nothing more disappointing for a prospect than opening an email and reading "Hello Name" when this happens to you be sure that at that moment you lost your prospect. This small mistake may have occurred by a "not paying attention to what we send" at the time of automating the email or by a failure in the label; however, this small error can cause our prospect to disenchant us, mark you as spam, or simply not open the following emails.


Generalized message

There are communications that although they do not have any technical error, you can see at a glance that it is a previously programmed response, this happens when the message is very generalized and is not directed to a specific audience, your prospect wants to feel that you are talking to him and not to one more prospect.


Everything but NOT everything

 Yes, it is true, we would like to automate all our marketing processes but the truth is that there are things that we cannot program in advance, every day new things come up and it is almost impossible to have an automatically programmed response for every situation.


Use technological tools

Upnify is an excellent sales tool that allows you to automate your marketing actions such as sending automated emails, automatically following up with your prospects, and capturing the information of the prospects you receive through Facebook, learn more about how Upnify can help you simplify your marketing and sales processes to get better results in this article.


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