Why is lack of organization affecting the growth of your SME?

Upnify Editorial Team - 10 de agosto, 2022

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Discover the relationship between the lack of organization in SMEs and the growth they can achieve, and learn easy strategies that you can implement in your company to improve your organization and increase your sales.

Achievement.png The organization as a trigger for economic growth

Due to the impact that small and medium-sized companies have on the economy and society, wouldn't it be worth investing in strategies for these companies to take the next step towards growth?

However, a common denominator is the lack of organization within the company, mainly in the processes directly related to sales or customer service.


graph.png How to take the next step towards organization?

If you are part of an SME or even the owner of one, we want to help you not to be just another number in the statistics and take the next step to become a big company.

At Upnify we are convinced that to increase your sales and boost your growth, the key is proper organization, if you achieve this you will already be one step ahead, so here are 4 simple tactics you can use to get organized easily. 


check.png Focus on customers

It seems obvious, but it is not always the case, some small and medium-sized companies focus on their production capacity, when they notice the first increase in sales, their main focus is on fulfilling the orders requested and often in that process they sacrifice the attention they give to their customers. To avoid running this risk, we invite you to read how to know your customers.

check.png Simplification of tasks and processes

This brings us to the next point, simplify processes, remember "Less is more", instead of trying to do several things at the same time, focus the efforts of your organization to carry out few projects, but done in depth. Many times, the production or sales capacity is saturated not because of the high volume of orders, but because of the very elaborate processes that make it difficult to reach the final result.

check.png Standardization

Standardization of processes is not the same as not having a series of steps in place to improve sales. When sales are affected, a factor that may be intervening is the lack of order in the series of steps that must be followed to close the sale.

For example, in a company there is a sales team, each one of the executives has his particular style to sell, but also each one performs different actions to generate more sales, there are even executives who omit important activities, this has an impact on the results, in other words, on the sales of the company.

check.png Investment

When companies show the first signs of growth, many directors or owners decide to invest in order to keep the company growing. This is an excellent strategy; however, it is common to invest in external factors before internal ones, which are precisely the ones that have the greatest impact on the company's growth. For example, investing in training or in tools that facilitate daily work.

task.png The perfect match

You will see that by implementing one or more of the strategies described above, you will begin to notice an improvement in the organization of your company and in sales. For that, Upnify CRM is a tool that will make it easier for you to organize your sales, go here to discover everything you can achieve with Upnify CRM.


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