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How to make a reminder of a Date?

Mon Jun 13 2022 07:08:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

A date to remember is any date that is special for your prospect, opportunity or client, such as: his birthday, anniversary, or some important event for him.

To assign a date to remember, follow these steps:

1.- Select the name of the prospect, opportunity or client to which you want to add the date to remember.

2.- Once inside the prospect, opportunity or client file, go to the dates to remember section and click on Add date.

3.- A small window will open in which:

  • Occasion will be the name of the date to remember, for example birthdays. 
  • For Action you can choose between sending a template email or creating a reminder. If you choose the email, you must select a template that is in your list (you must have prepared these previously). Select To whom, CC and BCC the e-mail will be sent.

In the case of the reminder, you will write what you want to remember, such as: making a congratulatory call.

4.- Once the data has been verified, click on Accept and your date to remember will be registered.

On Mondays you will receive an email with reminders of the dates to remember for the week and at the beginning of each day you will receive those for that day.