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How to share prospects, opportunities and customers?

Mon Jun 13 2022 12:08:27 GMT+0000 (hora universal coordinada)

How to share leads, opportunities and customers? - 

In Upnify it is possible to share and/or un-share contacts and business opportunities among the users of your company. So that 2 or more executives can follow up.

To share a prospect, opportunity or customer follow these steps: 

1) Inside the contact or opportunity tab, or from the option menu as well, click on the button that says:

2) when you click on this option, the following Pop-Up will appear!

3) Add the name of the executive with whom you will share and click OK. 

The contact can now be seen by both executives, and a button will appear on the tab that will show with whom the client is shared.

How to stop sharing?

1) Inside the tab, click on the button again: 

2) A window will appear with the executives that share the contact:

3) Click on the user, and press the Delete key on your computer. 

**Note: Remember that to Share and Unshare, you need a permission...

if you do not have it active, you can talk to the account administrator, so that he/she can grant it to you**.