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My calendar

Mon Jun 13 2022 07:08:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

The calendar allows you to plan and organize your daily activities, as well as provide quick and timely follow-up.

  • Executive level: You will only be able to see your activities.
  • Manager level: You will be able to view your agenda and that of the members of your group.
  • Administrator and auditor level: You will be able to view the agenda of all the members, but you will not be able to edit the activities.

  From the left side menu you can select which to-do items you want to display in the agenda, as well as a quick path to generate a new to-do item:

  You can add, in the configuration of your agenda, the to-dos of the members you want to display from the New:

The pending of each member will be differentiated by an assigned color (not editable).


  If you prefer to view your activities in a list, you can do so by clicking on the Schedule option, by day or by week.