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Mon Jun 13 2022 07:08:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

CRM Search Engine

Your CRM has a search engine in which you can enter certain keywords, which will perform a search and present a list of related data.

Steps to follow to perform a search:

1. Click on the magnifying glass icon


2. The Finder will be displayed, you can place any name of person, company or key text that allows you to find any contact >> Click on Search.

The Search helps you find any information regarding your leads, opportunities, customers, sales, and even discarded/archived contacts. You can search with any data you have. You can search by:

1. Name: You can write down a proper name, a surname, although for the results to be more precise, it is desirable that they be the proper name and the surname. The system is not sensitive to capital letters or accents, so if you type hernandez (without capitals or accents), it will still show you all the Hernández it finds,

2. Phone numbers: Enter only the digits. The system is not sensitive to the special characters with which the number was originally entered.

3. Email: Enter the email you are looking for or even, if you do not have the name that goes before the @, you can only enter the domain.

4. Company: Enter the name of the company. It also allows searches also if you only enter some of the words of the company name. 

Clicking on the +  right hand side will display the available search options, select where you want to search:

In this example, it will search prospects, customers and companies for the criteria you type in the search engine.

How to configure company-level search permissions? | Admin**

In the general options section you can authorize search permissions for both Managers and Sales Executives.

1.- In the Main Menu, select System > Personalization > General Options > Search Permissions

In the Search Permissions you can assign search permissions to Manager and Sales Executive accounts.