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Upnify + MailChimp Integration

Mon Jun 13 2022 12:08:27 GMT+0000 (hora universal coordinada)

Upnify + MailChimp integration

Send your Upnify contacts to Mailchimp easily. Simplify the process of capturing customers and prospects from the CRM to your mailing lists.

Segmented mailing lists

  1. Filter in Upnify by tags.
  2. Select all or multiple contacts.
  3. Send to Mailchimp in a few clicks.

Control your databases

  1. Export from prospects, opportunities or customers.
  2. Organize your lists in Mailchimp and Upnify
  3. Simplify sending information between both platforms.


- Go to Administration -> Integrations -> API.

- Click on the Create Integration button -> Mailchimp -> Accept

- Click on the Connect button -> Log in

Ready Integration!

- To export contacts to your MailChimp account you need to go to any of the following tabs prospects, customers, opportunities or sales and click on the Export button.

- Select the MailChimp option -> Select the list and fields ->Accept.