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10 Characteristics of successful salespeople.

Upnify Editorial Team - 26 de septiembre, 2022

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Like almost any other situation in this life, success in sales is due to two things: practice and aptitude. And any skill that is linked to these two characteristics cannot be learned in a day; on the contrary, it requires perseverance.

The most successful salespeople would agree that the pursuit of knowledge and skills that make them better professionals is a cornerstone of success.

Learning the skills of a successful sales professional takes time, effort and dedication and that is something we can all afford to spend, as long as it is in the right measure. But where do you start? Consider these 10 habits of the successful salesperson.

1.-Successful salespeople are always positive thinkers.

No other profession has to adapt to hearing refusals and objections as much as the salesperson. No in sales does not mean the end of the deal, it means you have another chance to convince. Surrendering to a negative response is not a characteristic of the successful salesperson. Many will come, take them with pleasure and turn them into a Yes.


2.- Passion for what they do is very important.

Successful salespeople will always have that fire inside that will motivate them. They seek to motivate their customers and build lasting relationships. It is not just the monthly or yearly goal, it´s about creating that spark within their customers. Remember, the best advertising is always what a satisfied customer does.


3.- Always use ingenuity

Creativity is a primary resource of the successful salesperson, using it to find the solution that others do not normally see is one of the ways to exploit it, always thinking about how to help your customer solve their problems instead of thinking about selling them a product, new ways to stay ahead of the competition and reach more prospects than others.

4.-Empathy is your secret weapon.

Learning to put yourself in the other person´s shoes is absolutely necessary, so you will know what really moves them in the buying process; listening carefully and understanding the needs of each customer will make you generate the trust required by the customer to close the deal.

5.- They are truly passionate about their brand and their organization.

Successful salespeople are 100% in love with their brands and love being part of their organizations. Love your job, participate in company activities, get involved and be the best brand ambassador that your company requires.

6.- They are always prepared

Getting the customer to fall in love and make them make the decision to buy is not easy. It requires a lot of time and effort dedicated to know in detail how to make each pitch, each closing and know every detail of the product or service, however, take an extra step and know that selling solutions rather than products is a great support when performing sales work, listen and present to your customer what he told you he needs.

7.- Seek relationships, not clients

Building a relationship of trust is much better and will be much more profitable than a client. You cannot think of every customer as a number on paper, they are human beings, people who have the same needs as you or me. Once the sale is closed many salespeople decide to end or close the cycle. Keep serving your customer, measure their level of satisfaction, ask them to fill out a survey, and you will learn what you did right and what you did wrong.

8.- Successful salespeople set goals

Creating and sticking to a plan is difficult, but not impossible. Knowing what you want to achieve, when and how, is a habit that great salespeople have and that helps them grow personally and professionally, start setting some of your own and stick to it, you will see great results; A strong long-term goal is a good way to start, break it down into small medium and even smaller short term goals, all oriented to the achievement of the final goal.  With a CRM system it is easier to take control of your goals.

9.- They are responsible for their actions

It is much easier to point fingers and apportion blame than to accept responsibility for our actions. Really successful salespeople know this and act to get where they want to be, it is the only way to get where you want to be and you are where you are because you want to be. Take responsibility for your actions and work to achieve your dreams.

10.- They are always up-to-date

Preparation is essential, a successful salesperson understands the trends and technology in their market. Take the time to update yourself, invest in courses, use technological resources and get fully involved in the trends in which your customers participate. Don't skimp on your preparation as it is the only thing that will keep you relevant in an ever-changing marketplace.

One of the trends in technology to help sales is the use of a CRM or Customer Relationship Management system, with it you can keep track of every aspect of the sales process, from generating a prospect to organize and keep track of every follow-up and activity of the sales team, learn more about CRM with Upnify and see how you can benefit from its use.


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