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How to make a successful sale close

Upnify Editorial  Team Por Upnify Editorial Team

Sales Training | 23 de junio, 2022

The closing is the most decisive moment in any sales process, learn the tactics that will make you succeed with every customer! A \yes\ or \no\ depends largely on the last specific phrase or question you ask in the sales process. That is just the act of \launching the closing sale\.

The moment of closing a sale, after all that prospecting work, all that patience and empathy invested in the process, always generates some stress and angst. It doesn´t matter how impressed or enthusiastic the client seemed during your presentation, there is always a chance that someone else will take the business, that they will decide to postpone their decision until the next quarter, or that they will ask you for a price you can´t offer.

Using the correct words definitely can make a difference. Continue reading to learn the closing phrases you´ll need to use to be successful with every prospect.

Launching the closing sale

Use these non-aggressive closing questions to make the buyer feel comfortable; in other words, not feeling as much pressure, but with the clarity that it will come the moment to make a decision:

  • "Is there any problem with the price, the benefits to you?"

If the customer answers "no" to this question, you will have indirectly gained acceptance of the contract. If the answer is "yes," you will have the opportunity to get the objections addressed without putting the project on hold.

  • "If we can find a way to help you with [the objection], would you be interested in signing the contract in the time period [define it]?"

Objections can kill sales. But in this case, the objection is actually a way to close the sale. Of course, this depends on your company´s ability to solve the problem by a certain date. But if a solution is possible, getting the customer to commit up front is a smart way to turn an obstacle into an opportunity.

  • " I think [the product] is a good fit for your company´s [customer´s company] needs - what do you do you think about it?"

This question gets the customer thinking about all the reasons they´re interested in buying. And once the customer says something like, "Yes, I think you could really help us with X," the perfect time arises to say "excellent, I´ll send you the contract now."

  • "Would you like my help?"

This is an ideal phrase for selling to referrals and people who we know outside of the business world. It´s perfect: soft and friendly. Also, it asserts your image as a "consultant" rather than a salesperson.

5) " Are you interested in X and its benefits, right? If we formalize the agreement today, you can be up and running by [date] at the latest."

Salespeople can encourage their customers to make a decision by reminding them that the sooner you act, the sooner you will have the benefits you want. Mentioning certain benefits is a good idea, - buyers will immediately begin to imagine how much easier their life will be with the new solution.


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