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Learn 8 Vital Factors for Sales Success.

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Sales Training | 28 de febrero, 2017

The Italian Vilfredo Pareto made a surprising discovery, 20% of the population owned 80% of the wealth. This principle is known as the Pareto Principle and applies to many areas, including business and is one of the great secrets to success in sales
In applying Pareto's Law, we can realize that 80 percent of the companies' sales or total production money is achieved by only 20 percent of the salespeople who are at the top of the companies' sales ranking.
How can you be part of these "superstars" who generate 80 percent of company sales? Here are 8 vital factors to consider in order to be successful in sales.

How should you be?

1.- Mentally positive.

They say that the human being has about 6,000 thoughts a day, how many of them are of power, strength, energy and motivation? How many of them are negative, of scarcity, of debt, of crisis, of "I can't"? Try to have positive thoughts permanently.

2.- Friendly and cordial.

It's easy to be nice to people who treat you well, but the challenge is to be nice to those who aren't nice to you - are you nice to the accountant who didn't draw your paycheck? It's very difficult, the key is to be consistent in these eight vital factors for sales success.

3.- Pleasant in appearance.

It's not "sometimes yes" or only dress up when you have a party. Always remember to dress decently. Humility is not at odds with cleanliness. Be neat and pleasing in your appearance.

What should you know?

4.- Know your product or service extensively.

The more knowledge you have of what you sell or offer, the more you will be perceived as an expert.


5.- Dealing with objections.

You have to know how to answer them; it is an art to know when, how and where to say things, so that the response is more effective when customers tell you phrases not to buy.

6.- How to manage your time.

One of the weakest points of salespeople is the ability to use and manage their time wisely. What is the best use of your time? Quite simply, it's the time you spend face-to-face with customers. That's where you should concentrate the greatest use of your time.

What should you know how to do?

7.- Continuous prospecting.

You have to have prospects permanently, it is the number one skill you must perform as a salesperson and to have successful sales.

8.- Effective presentations.

You must master the art of making high impact presentations that seduce the client.
Take action today, pay close attention to your "daily focus" on your personal 20%, analyze yourself, observe yourself and start working with yourself in these areas that will generate 80% of your results and sales success.

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