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Close more sales by following these 10 simple steps

Upnify Editorial Team - 15 de diciembre, 2022


Here's a reader-friendly way to learn 10 steps that will help you increase your chances of closing sales.

We could ask 100 sales executives for their best closing tips and we would get precisely 100 different answers. Every salesperson has their own set of tools that they have obtained and mastered over time, and those tools help support one thing only, their relationship with the customer. 

In sales, the new attitude is to use these tools, including sales closing, to generate a "value-added" relationship between customer and salesperson. This relationship is built with patience and good use of techniques perfected over the years, but always taking into account the customer's success. 

All techniques contribute to the sales objective, however, there are some steps that we can follow that will generate a higher probability of closing sales.



1.- Reap what you have sown


To harvest, you have to work the land, till it, cultivate it and take care of it until you get the desired product. The same happens in sales, we will have more sales closings if we work carefully with each prospect, arriving to each appointment on time, giving the appropriate follow-up, and always giving the respect that the prospect deserves.


2.- Be clear about your objectives


All the steps you take in your sales efforts should be geared towards meeting your objectives. Define them from the beginning and take actions that will bring you closer to them. If we do not trace this path from the beginning we can deviate from the ultimate goal we want to reach and not increase our sales closing.


3.- Questions, requests, proposals


Ask for information with each step of your process, always taking into account the customer's ask your customer what should be the next step to follow.  If they are unsure, you can make suggestions that will bring you closer to closing the sale. Try to keep it simple and eliminate unnecessary steps between the end of the process and closing the sale.


4.- Give and take


At all times we must keep in mind that we are dealing with an exchange, and customers will usually ask for something: a discount, a demonstration, a trial, or a grace period. If you can make such considerations with your customer, try to make them in exchange for something, ask for their commitment to continue with the next stage of the process, and perhaps a promise to propose to your prospect and their boss or the decision maker. Under this win-win logic, both will get what they are looking for.


5.- Sell the value, not the price.


Everyone pays attention to price; it is the first thing they will consider in a sales process. The secret, more than competing on price, is to demonstrate to each prospect the value your product or service has for them.  Show what solutions it will give your customer to pay the price you are asking.

6.- Take care of your promises


A very common mistake, especially in inexperienced salespeople, is to promise something that they will not be able to deliver. This happens because they want to close a sale at the wrong time. Being honest, explaining procedures, and keeping the customer informed will always be a better weapon than making promises. If, for example, the product needs to be delivered at a later date, don't say you can get an earlier date unless you are sure of it. Honesty and consistency above all.


7.- Give more of yourself


On the contrary, taking into account the previous advice, if we present adequate information to our customer and promise a delivery date that we can advance, such a surprise will be very well received and will allow us to build a better relationship because your customers will have the assurance that you do more than expected by them.


8.- Always be pleasant, even with your competitors.


Being nice is something that attracts others to you, do not spoil it by talking bad about your competition, because that will only put the customer on the defensive. Being friendly even with the competition will bring us more benefits than falling into an unfair competition or fighting. It will be better to concentrate your efforts on the competitive advantage that your company, product, or service has and that makes you unique from the competition.

9.- Plan and prepare


Having completed the entire sales process and following these tips, it is time to plan and prepare everything related to the closing, any document or paperwork that the customer requires to deliver, any other that you have to deliver, have everything you need to expedite procedures and achieve the closing of sales in an expeditious manner. Even be prepared for a customer who wants to back out and comes to you with last-minute objections.


10.- Shut your mouth


It sounds rough but it is reality. If we have put all our efforts to formulate the magic question and we find ourselves in front of the sale’s closing, shut up and let your customer answer. Talk less and listen more, a golden rule that will help us in the final blow. If the customer is ready to buy, use double-choice questions "Shall I send the product to your office or the corporate office?" "Do you want to pay by check or wire transfer?" Shut up and wait for the answer, your patience will be rewarded.

Follow these steps, apply them, take them and make them yours, I know they can always help you with your sales closings and you will find a way to use them to your advantage in different situations.  Now take the opportunity to combine your techniques, my tips, and a unique technological tool that will give you the certainty of keeping control of your entire sales process, Upnify is the CRM that helps you simplify and organize your sales, take your free trial right now and see for yourself.


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