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Learn how to prospect all the time

Patricio Peker Por Patricio Peker

Sales Training | 14 de noviembre, 2022

To increase your sales in your business, you first need to have people to whom you can offer and sell your product. Therefore, you have to learn how to prospect.

Basic steps to prospect and obtain positive results.

Imagine the following situation, you have just arrived at a party, in the distance, you observe a group of people among whom you have acquaintances, but most of them are people you have never seen before. You approach them and start a conversation, take advantage of this opportunity to prospect for future clients and use the following steps. 


Meet new people


Chances are that people in this social circle are more interested in telling you about their jobs than yours. This will help you learn more about them.


Ask and listen


At the beginning of the conversation, you have to keep focused on staying in it, asking about the topic that is being generated, and having active listening you will be able to achieve it.


Don't talk too much. 


At some point in the conversation, people will ask you what you do, and you should answer, but remember not to talk too much because it is not yet time to sell.


Business cards. 


It is advisable that you always carry business cards with you, so when you finish saying what you do and if a conversation is generated on the subject, you can give them a card to schedule a coffee and continue the conversation.


48 hours.


Remember that after you have given him your card and he has given you his, you only have 48 hours to contact that person, otherwise, you run the risk that he will forget about your conversation.


Finally, keep in mind that you are not yet selling your product, but a meeting with you.

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