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Which words to use in your speech to increase sales

Upnify Editorial Team - 5 de septiembre, 2022


If you are in the sales world, you probably already have a rehearsed speech, however, it is possible that you are not getting the desired results, learn the power of words in sales and which ones to use to achieve your goals

shopping cart.png The Premise of the consumer: You like to buy, but you do not like to be sold

This is one of the most important premises in the world of sales, imagine you are the consumer and remember the emotion you feel when you have acquired the product you have been longing for, or when you make a smart purchase taking advantage of a great offer. Now think about a common situation, when you enter a clothing store and the salesperson follows you through all the aisles of the store. What is the difference between the two situations?

For any consumer, including your customer, it is very rewarding to make a purchase, however, the reaction is not the same when a salesperson tries to get us to buy their product at all costs, without first caring about our needs. Using the right words during the sales process will be the difference between the two situations.

chat.png How your sales pitch makes you lose sales

The sales pitch works in the same way as the situation mentioned above, how many times have you not hung up on a salesperson for repeating a standardized and completely dehumanized speech?

When your customer hears a sales pitch, he thinks that you are trying to sell him a product that is probably not for him, therefore, this perception arouses negative emotions, the kind of emotions that we are not interested in generating in a sale because they create an emotional barrier between you and your customer.

Imagine the emotion your customer feels after having solved their needs with your product. The words you use in your sales pitch should be oriented to generate this kind of positive emotions in your customer. It may seem unbelievable, but a small change in your speech or the use of some words instead of others already standardized will help you increase your sales results.

love.png Words as an engine for generating emotions for sales

As we have seen so far, using the right words will help you generate emotions in your potential customers, but how do words have this hypnotic power on your customers?

To understand this, it is first necessary to understand how we humans assimilate the information we perceive so that we can then apply this to the world of sales. The words we hear by themselves do not mean anything to our brain, when they reach us, they enter a decoding process and are transformed into visual representations in our head.

This means that in a matter of seconds our brain is imagining everything we hear, which is why it is easy for us to think of ourselves capturing all the unforgettable moments with the new camera that has come out, but it is not as easy, or as exciting, to think of a camera with X number of pixels or X storage capacity.

mistake.png 3 Common mistakes in sales pitches

The problem is not in sales pitches, but in the accuracy with which they are constructed and in the way they communicate their message, which far from being persuasive ends up being an explanatory and boring speech. Below are the most common mistakes we have detected in a sales pitch.

  • Focusing on the benefits of your product: Although it may seem inconsistent when a prospect asks for information about your product, he does not want to know its features, on the contrary, what he is interested in is everything he will be able to achieve by using your product.
  • Use a technical language: Even if your product or service is something very technical or needs an instruction manual for its implementation, one of the most serious mistakes in the sales process is to use a technical language.
  • Talking to your customer ´too seriously´: In B2B companies it is common that your prospect is the director of a company or has a certain degree within the organization chart, however, talk to him with confidence instead of being very serious and do not miss the opportunity to address him by his name.

check.png The words your customer wants to hear

As we have already seen some words make your customers more excited than others, these are the ones you would be interested in incorporating in your sales pitch to increase your results. There is a list of words that can facilitate the imagination of your customers and start to generate positive emotions. Although they are not the only ones, it is a good start, my recommendation is not to use all of them at the same time, use them according to the occasion.

  • Free: Nothing is a better way to sell than giving something away for free.
  • Now: Motivates you to take action.
  • Action verbs (start, improve, etc.)..
  • Incorporate values: well-being, sense of belonging, happiness, etc.

Now use everything you have learned in this post to create a persuasive message in the follow-up emails you send to your customers, and take your communications to the next level with Upnify's free templates and the automation you get with CRM.

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