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Elevator pitch

Elevator pitch helps you to increase your sales

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Sales Training | 22 de agosto, 2022

The elevator pitch is a very brief description of approximately 15 to 20 seconds in which you send practically with very targeted telegraphy, what you do in terms of the benefit offered by your activity.

For example, imagine you are a car salesman for a car dealership and you meet an old college friend in the elevator or somewhere else and start a conversation:

- What a surprise, seeing you again! What are you doing here?

-I came for a business meeting

-And what do you do?

- Well, I sell cars of different popular brands.

-That sounds great!


This is a common conversation, it was interesting, wasn't it?

Now let's change it by applying the elevator pitch technique.

- What a surprise, seeing you again! what are you doing here?

-I came for a business meeting

-And what do you do?

-I am in the business of saving companies tax and financial charges through the leasing of automobiles or industrial transportation vehicles, and in this way I help them to make their finances healthier and achieve higher profits in their business.

-Are you kidding me, and how do you do that?

-It is very simple, most of the companies or people think about buying a car, and do not imagine that many times renting them has the same benefits in addition to saving taxes, expenses and a lot of things.

As you can see, we are already in the conversation, we are already talking, a good elevator pitch generates a reaction that seeks for more information.

-Don't be kidding me, and how do you do that, tell me more?


By applying this technique, you can visualize that you already have an interesting conversation, you never know if the person you are talking to might be able to help you reach another customer.

Important elements to include in your elevator pitch:

1.- It has to be focused on your client, not your activity. For whom do you do the work you perform, who are your recipients: entrepreneurs, individuals or people with certain characteristics.

2.-What direct benefit they receive from your activity. As the example above shows, we help to reduce the tax burden and improve the company's finances, because it does not have to spend the money for the purchase of a car, that is the benefit. For whom it can be useful, for companies or individuals who require this support.

3.- How do I do that, and what do I get out of it in return, how can I help them? By renting them a car.

4.- In what way do you participate or what else you can do.

These are very valuable elements that, if well worked on, they can provide you with an excellent elevator pitch to be used when you are in a social meeting or in any other occasion, you will be surprised how it becomes a conversation starter. As salespeople, in order to sell, we need to have conversations.

Focus on your elevator pitch and put it to work for you, you won't regret it!


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