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Recruit your Sales Force Effectively

Upnify Editorial Team - 11 de mayo, 2022


Today it is proven that people who do not provide a service that distinguishes their company, condemn it to imminent failure.

One issue that all companies struggle with is getting good salespeople to integrate their sales force.

Out of every 100 people, 99 do not wake up in the morning thinking that theirs is to become a salesperson and the only one who does, sees it as an alternative if they cannot find a job, so how can you get new salespeople?

If you put an ad in the newspaper or a banner outside your business that says "I´m interviewing sales prospects tomorrow" and the next day you have a line of 20 people, those 20 people are unemployed, not salespeople.

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Find out which of the prospects have certain capabilities to become salespeople. You have to be aggressive without being insulting, ask the person to fill out an employment form and put down what merits they have to become salespeople for your company. Then in the one-on-one interview, carefully review the answers.

Even if they tell you that they have been able to sell ice to the Eskimos, that they are able to sell the Latin Tower to the Chinese, etc. You tell him that there is nothing to indicate that he is a good salesman and analyze the reaction he has.

Possible reactions are:

a) That he gets angry.

b) He gets offended.

c) He doesn´t put up a fight.

People who have these reactions are not salespeople.

There are others who may react as if you had discovered them, "no, I told my mother that I am not good at sales" in this case you will see that their level of self-esteem is low and maybe it was because of the three months of base salary that companies regularly offer.

When one of those 20 prospects has the following reaction "I think you do not know how to read, because in the document says that I am a good salesman", give him 3 or 4 minutes, listen to how he defends his position because technically he is selling himself, if you see that there is drive and courage, this person can serve you to be part of your sales force, you just have to polish it like the diamond, although this implies time you will have greater chances of getting better results, make him see that it is a privilege to enter your company and not that you are desperately looking for salesmen.

If you do not have a recruitment strategy from the first applicants, it is very likely that you are recruiting people for your sales team who are looking for a temporary income while they find "something better to do".

A good salesperson who is dedicated to sales knows that their earning potential depends a lot on their ability to sell, is eager to win, and is eager to defend your company´s position.

Distrust what they give you, look at their eyes and challenge them, if the person defends himself, it means that he knows how to sell, if you train him well he will be a good salesman for your business and you will have achieved a solid base for your sales force.

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