3 Factors that will help you Prospect for Clients

Upnify Editorial Team - 17 de marzo, 2017


One of the main reasons prospecting is recommended is because it makes selling easier. Stop for a moment and think, would you have trouble selling to someone who needs your product or service?

Prospecting clients

is one of the key attributes of a salesperson. Before dealing with the sale, prioritize finding the best potential clients. Only by prospecting properly will you have people to whom you can offer your products with certain guarantees of success.

One of the main reasons why prospecting is important is because it makes selling easier. Stop for a moment and think, would you have a problem selling to someone who needs your product or service? Maybe you say no, but the problem lies in finding those prospects that need or want your product or service.

Take this guide and start identifying prospects: "Quick Guide to Prospecting and Increasing your Sales"

Qualify the 3 basic requirements at the time of prospecting to know if they meet the necessary conditions to become clients. Use them to make it worthwhile and when you have a meeting with them, you will know how to discern where to go and with whom. Qualifying correctly is an art.


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1.- They have purchasing power.

This means that the client has the economic capacity (money, capital) to be able to make the decision. This includes whether they can buy with cash or have the capacity to use debt, such as with a mortgage or a high value loan.

For example, in a hypothetical case "Luis Miguel's manager is coming to sell me his yacht", I would not be a prospective client because I do not have the capital to buy that item.

2.- They have the authority to decide.

Don't settle for talking to the second-in-command, you are a high profile, prepared salesperson. Seek to talk to the decision maker, and if the person says "let me check with the board, my husband, the manager", always look for the opportunity to be the first source to answer or handle objections that may arise from your client.

3.- They have a need.

The client has to perceive their need. What if a person or client has no need? Will the sale be at risk? Absolutely. There is one factor that you must encourage more than need: desire. People buy more today out of desire than out of need. If you don't believe me, look at your backyard, your closet, where you have many things you thought you needed. In the end, they were nothing more than an impulse, or a whim; something you wanted to buy.

You must encourage desires when prospecting clients, because needs are filled quickly, but desires are unlimited.

When prospecting for your clients, encourage desire rather than appeal to their needs and your sales will skyrocket.

As a salesperson you must identify yourself before you do your job of prospecting clients; tell yourself that you are a professional problem solver, your duty and sales today are turning towards consultative selling rather than one time transactional selling. It's detecting that the client has a problem. It is like the doctor's technique: investigate before you diagnose and then identify the problems you can solve.

Remember these three points to effectively carry out your prospecting work. Your objective is to bring the client to a better emotional state, income, or satisfaction solution so that he perceives that you help them to solve problems through your products and services.

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