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3 Tips to improve your sales closing

Upnify Editorial  Team Por Upnify Editorial Team

Sales | 2 de mayo, 2022

Closing sales allows you to measure your ability to produce results for your company and it is where you use all the elements of the customer to your advantage.

It is essential to close sales to measure your ability to produce results for your company, it is in the closing of sales where the money is, what good is it to make good prospecting, answer objections, qualify your customer well, know what channel he has, if you do not close the sale.

In companies, it is common that you say that as a salesperson you are doing everything right, "I'm just missing the closing", this means that you are not doing it right, because the best part of a good job is the closing of the sale. Doing everything right and not closing is like playing a soccer game well and not scoring goals, you should make an effort to close sales.

Effective sales closing

The main tragedy in sales is that 90% of salespeople have good products, work for good companies, with competitive prices, but do not have the courage to try just once to close a sale, what you need is courage, courage, decision and determination to dare.

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To increase the percentage of your sales closing identify these three moments:

After you complete the sales presentation. It is the best of the three moments, to end your presentation you must try a closing, from today onwards when you finish a presentation and you are not trying a closing, think that your presentation was not complete. It's like talking nice to a girl and not asking her for an action "to be your girlfriend, marry her, etc."

By recognizing buying signals. People do or say things that make you think they are ready. A typical example when you are selling something of high value and one of them says to the other person "so what do you think my love" that is a great buying signal and you should not let it slip away, when the customer asks you things that do not interfere with the sale like warranty, when would you deliver me and things like that, slow down your dizzying roll train and try to close immediately especially when you have already provided all the information.

By recognizing a real objection. When you answer an objection that comes from a genuine concern of a customer and you will see that when you answer it you have chances to close the sale, it is important that you turn excuses into real objections, because when you answer an excuse, the customer comes out with another one, but when you answer with a real objection there is a good chance to close the sale.

Statistics show that most operations are achieved after holding or trying five to six attempts to close, while you have more ways to propose a business, that the customer to say no, the sale is coming therefore ... Go for it!

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