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Upnify Editorial Team - 16 de enero, 2023

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Here at Upnify, we know that the success of your company is a task for everyone, each of your employees contributes their bit to keep the company growing every day, and that is why it is very important that each of them feel like a fundamental part of the whole organization and that they see the effort of their work reflected in tangible results. Read on to find out how to achieve this easily with a CRM.

If you want your employees to feel happy doing their job and increase their productivity every day, you must provide them with the right tools to increase their results with less effort. The feeling of growing professionally and improving day by day is something that your employees will thank you for if you provide them with the right tools to achieve their professional and personal goals.


A CRM like Upnify has many benefits for which your employees will thank you for implementing it easily within your company, here are the main benefits for which your employees will love Upnify and use it as their daily battle tool.

Get control of your work team

The first benefit is for you, however, your employees will also benefit, with Upnify you can easily monitor their personal and company-wide results, and have a complete overview of all the activity performed by your employees.


The lack of organization is not good for anyone, it makes your employees spend more time to obtain the same results, which means a decrease in their productivity and in that of your company as a whole. Also, it causes your employees to work only to solve day-to-day problems without having a results-oriented strategy.

Upnify makes your employees' daily activities easier because they can better organize their time, according to their to-do list, with the electronic agenda and reminders they will never forget to do an important task and will end their workday with an empty to-do list.

Save time and reduce the effort

Your employees will love having Upnify CRM because they will be able to increase their results in less time, this is because Upnify allows them to automate their tasks; those that they have to do every day; for example sending emails, making quotes, or creating email marketing campaigns, all this with just a few clicks and a couple of minutes, so they can focus their time and effort on new projects that contribute to making your company keep growing.

Secure information

A misunderstanding can cause an irreversible error, surely it has happened to you that by not being careful with the information, the company has been involved in internal and external conflicts. To avoid this risk Upnify allows you to unify the information of your entire company, and you can access your information from anywhere and with any device from your mobile application.


With the CRM of Upnify, you control the access that each of your employees have to the information, you can do it easily by granting permissions according to different levels, so you can see the progress of your employees and their progress.

Motivation and Training

Apart from being the daily battle tool for your employees, Upnify's CRM also keeps them motivated; they can monitor their personal, departmental, and company-wide goals. You can also contribute to your team's motivation by adding commissions for each sale they make; remember that if you make your employees feel happy in their work, they won't see it as a burden and will focus on surpassing their goals and not just accomplishing tasks.


Upnify cares about the welfare of your employees and your entire company, that's why they have free access to online training to various resources such as e-books and articles; all this for your employees to keep updating on various topics, and boost their professional growth, because we are sure that a company that does not learn constantly is destined to stagnation, or worse, to failure.

If you are still not convinced of the great benefits that Upnify CRM has for your business we give you 30 days of Upnify Free so you can enjoy all the benefits it has for you, your company, and your employees.

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